Welcome to the
North Suburban Hernia Center

At the North Suburban Hernia Center, we believe each patient is unique and every hernia must be dealt with on an individual basis. We have expertise in the most advanced techniques of hernia repair. This allows us to select the best method for each patient's specific needs. Our board certified surgeons are Fellows of the American College of Surgeons and are trained in the newest and most advanced techniques and use the most advanced repair materials. Less comprehensive programs use one or two types of repair and don't adjust based on the needs of the patient. By training in a number of methods, we can use the best procedure for an individual patient rather than hoping the patient is right for a given repair.

Quality and safety are our main concerns. We, therefore, maintain affiliation with Advocate Lutheran General Hospital which has the lowest surgical complication rate in the country. We also utilize the Golf Surgical Center for many of our outpatient surgeries. The surgery center maintains the same quality and is the most cost effective location for an inguinal hernia repair in the state.

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